After a couple of months, some observations

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After a couple of months, some observations

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The Empire characters get the cool spaceships.

Speaking of spaceships, what's with the Republic designers? The ships look like rust buckets, and the capitol ships look like they were designed by a crazed acid fiend. Seriously? The Republic shipyards need to find new designers.

Speaking of Republic ships, the Jedi Consular's ship must be half Tardis. He's got a crew of over 100 on the bloody thing. So when does he get his own dreadnought to haul all these people around?

Bounty Hunters are idiots. He has to go out and steal his first ship and he picks a Mantis class ship? Are you kidding me? Why can't he steal a Phantom instead? Like I said, they're idiots.

Speaking of Phantoms. Classy. Very classy. So why don't the Sith Lords get these? They're the bosses, are they not? Granted, I like the Fury as well, but the Phantom's are much classier.
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