Challenge modes & Garrosh before WoD

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Challenge modes & Garrosh before WoD

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So with WoD being, at best, 6 months away, I feel the need to get some Challenge Mode transmog gear and some flex heirlooms. I'd love to do it on all 14 toons I have at 90 now, but I realize that's kind of unrealistic; stilll, I'm not exactly doing much else with my time, so...

I'm offering my tank/dps/MW healer services to anyone who wants/needs someone to fill a CM group or a flex group. Most of my toons are 90 now, though I may need to tune them to CMs by clearing heroics.

If you have my Btag, feel free to hit me up in any game to arrange something; if not, shoot me a PM and I'll add you. :D
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