40k 8th Edition

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40k 8th Edition

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Don't know how many here are into Warhammer 40K.
I'm not into table-top games but I've been enjoying the lore with 40K. Especially these big changes I've been reading and hearing people talk about with the 8th Edition book that came out earlier this year.

The Eldar are getting closer to creating their god of death. They used that to help the Inquisition revive the Primarch of the Ultramarines, Guilliman.
Now he's got a new gen of astartes up in new chapters and is mixing them in old ones.

Abaddon almost conquered Cadia but his forces were ejected by repurposed Necron tech. Which also ejected a Living Saint who went out screaming in agonizing pain. Which is impressive by itself.

Chaos managed to barricade the galaxy in half. Which means that none of the imperial forces on the other side can warp travel. As the Astronomicon can't reach them.

Great way to add life back into the story.

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