How the media and government conspire to violate the 1st Amendment

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How the media and government conspire to violate the 1st Amendment

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The next time you hear someone from the media complaining about 1st Amendment violations, you can bet your sweet ass they're not really concerned with it.

How the FDA Manipulates the Media

Not only does the government employ tactics to ensure what's reported is what they want it to be, the media has long been complicit in this practice.
Embargoes were first embraced by science reporters in the 1920s, in part because they take the pressure off. After all, when everybody agrees to publish their stories simultaneously, a reporter can spend extra time researching and writing a story without fear of being scooped. “[Embargoes] were created at the behest of journalists,” says Kiernan, who has written a book, Embargoed Science, about scientific embargoes. “Scientists had to be convinced to go along.” But scientific institutions soon realized that embargoes could be used to manipulate the timing and, to a lesser extent, the nature of press coverage. The result is a system whereby scientific institutions increasingly control the press corps. “They've gotten the upper hand in this relationship, and journalists have never taken it back,” Kiernan says.
It was the media who first suggested this practice, and the government took the ball and ran with it. If Scientific American had been part of the FDA's stooge list, they'd have never written this article.

And from what I'm seeing from the responses elsewhere on the Internet, the press will get another pass on something that should never have been permitted to start with. Already people are howling in outrage, pointing their fingers at the FDA when it's the press themselves that should shoulder full responsibility for this.

PT Barnum was right. And the press is counting on that fact.
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